The 3 Best Ramen in Kasugai (Aichi)

updated: August 17th, 2023

"Ramen Asuka" is a popular chicken ramen restaurant in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture. The recommended dish is the Chicken Ramen with Char Siu, known for its light soy-based broth and flavorful Char Siu. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and short waiting times. Operating hours may vary, so it's best to check beforehand. The restaurant is a 7-minute walk from Ajimaru station. Overall, "Ramen Asuka" aims to provide high-quality chicken ramen that is worth trying.

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    Ramen Asuka

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    "Ramen Asuka" located in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, is a popular restaurant known for its chicken ramen.
    The cozy establishment features a 12-seat counter, and although it can get busy, the waiting time is relatively short.
    The recommended dish is the Chicken Ramen with Char Siu.
    The soup is a light soy-based broth with a perfect balance of sweetness and umami.
    The noodles are medium-thin with a smooth texture, although the wheat flavor may not be very prominent.
    The Char Siu comes in three variations, all bursting with flavor, particularly the juicy and tender Chicken Thigh Char Siu.
    Overall, the quality is exceptional, with a touch of sophistication.
    However, personal preference for flavors may vary.
    If you are curious, it is worth a visit to experience it yourself.
    Please note that the operating hours and days off may occasionally change, so it is recommended to check the official information before visiting.
    In terms of transportation, the restaurant is conveniently located only a 7-minute walk from the Ajimaru station.
    At "Ramen Asuka," the skilled chefs aim to provide delicious chicken ramen with the utmost quality.
    Do give it a try and savor the delightful flavors.


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    The featured establishment is "Haruki," located in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
    The restaurant is a 10-minute drive from Kasugai IC and approximately 8 minutes by car from JR Kasugai Station.
    There are 6 shared parking spaces in front of the store, as well as an additional 6 dedicated spaces and 4 easy-to-park dedicated spaces.
    The interior consists of counter seats with a capacity of 12, making it a relatively small establishment.
    Now, let me introduce some recommended dishes at Haruki.
    First is their "Chinese Ramen.
    " Based on the flavor of Takayama-style ramen, this bowl has a nostalgic taste and appearance that people love.
    The combination of seafood broth and homemade noodles is delightful and whets the appetite.
    Next, I would like to introduce their seasonal limited-time menu item, the "Oyster Miso Ramen.
    " Perfect for the cold winter, this ramen dish features four large oysters, making it a luxurious treat.
    The rich miso flavor and the aroma of the oysters are an exquisite match, guaranteeing to warm your body as you slurp the broth.
    Finally, as a special dish, I present the "Clam Salt Ramen.
    " The clear broth is infused with the distinct taste of clams, and the flavor that spreads in your mouth is superb.
    The noodles also have a savory flavor that complements the seafood broth, creating an unforgettable bowl of ramen.
    Haruki offers a wide range of ramen options, from the classic Chinese Ramen to seasonal limited-time menus.
    You can indulge in delicious ramen that showcases the skill and dedication of the chef.
    I invite you to visit and experience it for yourself.

    Lightning Fire

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    【Lightning Fire】Lightning Fire, located in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, is a ramen restaurant that operates during daytime and nighttime.
    The restaurant has 10 counter seats and table seats, creating a homely atmosphere.
    It's important to note that it tends to get crowded in the evening, so be mindful of the timing.
    The specialty dishes of this restaurant are Miso Wolf and Chuka Soba.
    Miso Wolf features a sweet miso soup with a perfect combination of rich pork bone flavors, making it easily enjoyable even for those who are not fond of spiciness.
    The thick noodles used in this dish have a firm and chewy texture that complements the rich flavor.
    The culinary skills of the chef are highly regarded, especially for the Chuka Soba, which not only brings back the nostalgia of old-fashioned taste but also creates a unique sense of familiarity.
    The slightly strong aroma of soy sauce and the umami of seafood create a delightful harmony.
    The noodles used are straight, medium-thin noodles, reminiscent of eating traditional Japanese soba.
    Furthermore, the restaurant has a calm atmosphere and the staff provides excellent service, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their time.
    Lightning Fire, a ramen restaurant located in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, offers delectable dishes such as Miso Wolf and Chuka Soba.
    Don't miss the opportunity to savor the chef's remarkable skills.