The 4 Best Ramen in Mie

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    Soba Konishi Lake in Yokochō is a shop located in Ujichūno-kiri-chō, Ise City, Mie Prefecture.
    The operating hours are from 10:00 to 16:30, and they are open on Sundays as well.
    Access is available by taking the Mie Kotsu bus bound for "Naiku-mae" from Kintetsu "Ujiyamada Station" for about 20 minutes, getting off at "Jingu Kaikan-mae" and walking for 2 minutes.
    The soup at this shop uses Matsusaka beef, and they serve delicious soy sauce flavored ramen.
    In addition, there are 14 seats available.
    One notable feature is the thinly sliced chashu that resembles prosciutto, and the noodles are specially ordered from a noodle factory in Nagano Prefecture.
    The provision of tea is also highly praised by many people.


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    【Store Introduction】Menya Sonidori is a ramen restaurant located in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture.
    The interior of the store has a Japanese-style atmosphere, creating a calm and relaxing space.
    The store is open for lunch and dinner, except on Sundays.
    It is conveniently accessible on foot from Kintetsu Nagoyagawara-cho Station.
    There are 18 seats available, including counter and table seating options.【Menu Introduction】At Menya Sonidori, we offer a selection of carefully crafted ramen dishes.
    Enjoy our shoyu ramen with a clear broth that carries the aroma of dried sardines, or indulge in our rich and flavorful tsukemen (dipping ramen).
    Our menu features a variety of ramen options to suit different preferences.
    One of our most popular dishes is the "All-In Shoyu Ramen," generously topped with sliced pork and marinated soft-boiled egg.
    The thin noodles and savory soup are particularly outstanding.【Chef Introduction】The chefs at Menya Sonidori possess unique skills and dedication, ensuring the creation of delicious ramen.
    Our soup is prepared by expertly blending ingredients such as dried sardines, chicken broth, and soy sauce, resulting in a rich and flavorful taste.
    Additionally, our homemade thin noodles are a distinctive feature, complementing the overall ramen experience with their smooth texture.Above is the introduction to Menya Sonidori.
    Immerse yourself in the Japanese ambiance and savor the delicious ramen dishes we have to offer.
    We invite you to visit us and experience it for yourself.


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    Ramen Torisho Katsu is a popular ramen restaurant located in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture.
    Originally a sushi restaurant, it has been operating as a ramen specialty shop since 2016.
    One of their most popular dishes is the "Hamaguri Shio Ramen," which uses Kuwana-grown clams and extracts the finest flavors with the traditional techniques of sushi chefs.
    They also take pride in their homemade noodles, which have a smooth texture and a distinct wheat flavor.
    The interior of the restaurant has a calm and Japanese-style atmosphere, with only counter seats available.
    Please note that there are no recommended private rooms or options for using strollers.
    The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, including Sundays, but it is closed on Tuesday evenings and Wednesdays.
    In terms of transportation, it is approximately a 15-minute walk from Kuwana Station and about 901m from Nishi-Kuwana Station, making it relatively convenient to access.
    Despite its small size with only 17 seats, we highly recommend visiting this cozy establishment.


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    "Ramen Hachinoha" is a popular ramen restaurant located in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture.
    The interior of the restaurant has a stylish atmosphere with a black decor, and there are 13 seats available, including counter seats and tatami seats.
    The business hours are from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Tuesday to Sunday, and the restaurant is closed on Mondays (with the exception of public holidays, where it is open and closed on the following Tuesday).
    To access the restaurant, it is a 10-minute walk from Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station or approximately 598 meters from Asunarou Yokkaichi station.One of their most popular menu items is the Salt Flavor Char Siu Wonton Noodles.
    The soup is a light fish-based broth, and it pairs excellently with the noodles.
    The owner, Katsukazu Hori, established the restaurant in 2007 and has gained a reputation for his culinary skills among the local community.
    We highly recommend you visit and experience it for yourself.