The 4 Best Ramen in Ome (Tokyo)

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    RamenFeeL is a ramen restaurant located in Umegou, Ome City, Tokyo.
    It is approximately 718 meters or a 15-minute walk from JR Hinyamawada Station.The restaurant has a total of 21 seats, including 5 counter seats and 3 tables for 4 people each.
    You can enjoy your ramen in a cozy atmosphere.The business hours are from 11:00 to 15:00 on weekdays and from 11:00 to 16:00 on weekends and holidays.
    However, please note that the restaurant is closed on Wednesdays, and the operating hours and closing days may change, so it is recommended to check with the restaurant before visiting.RamenFeeL mainly offers a variety of ramen dishes.
    The noodles have a firm and chewy texture, and the soup is rich and flavorful.
    The toppings include tender chashu (roast pork), menma (bamboo shoots), and green onions.
    The portions are satisfying and the ramen is highly regarded for its taste.The chef at RamenFeeL is an experienced ramen artisan.
    They pay attention to every detail, such as the cooking time of the noodles, seasoning of the soup, and balance of toppings, to create each bowl of ramen with care.
    Their skills and passion are the secret to serving delicious ramen to customers.RamenFeeL is a place where you can enjoy delicious ramen in Umegou, Ome City.
    Why not try a bowl of ramen in a warm and welcoming atmosphere?

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    Hayden.Cocco FACTORY Samantha Tamasa Ome

    Hayden.Cocco FACTORY Samantha Tamasa Ome is a ramen restaurant located in Nogamicho, Ome City, Tokyo.
    The interior of the restaurant consists of only counter seats, with a total of 7 seats.
    Here, you can enjoy dishes made with a focus on quality ingredients.The dishes are carefully prepared, and the menu offers flavorsome options.
    Recommended dishes include salads made with seasonal vegetables and healthy soups.
    You can fully enjoy the umami of fresh vegetables.
    Omelettes and sandwiches are also popular, with generous portions.
    All the dishes are visually appealing and perfect for Instagram-worthy photos.The dishes are made by skilled chefs who bring out the best in the ingredients and meticulously finish each dish.
    Once you taste their creations, you won't be able to forget the deliciousness.Hayden.Cocco FACTORY Samantha Tamasa Ome has a calm and comfortable atmosphere, where you can relax and spend a leisurely time.
    The interior is clean and features stylish decor.
    As it only has counter seats, you can easily visit alone without hesitation.According to the store information, the opening hours start early in the morning and end in the evening, including Sundays.
    However, there is a scheduled day off approximately once a week, and there may be changes in opening hours or temporary closures.
    It is recommended to check their Twitter or Instagram beforehand.
    The restaurant is conveniently accessible, as it is a 12-minute walk from Kawabe Station on the JR Ome Line.Hayden.Cocco FACTORY Samantha Tamasa Ome is a restaurant that offers delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere.
    It is recommended for those who want to spend a leisurely time alone or enjoy conversations with friends.
    Please visit and experience it for yourself.

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    Ramen Itsuki Honten

    Ramen Itsuki  is a popular ramen restaurant located in Ome City, Tokyo.
    The ramen here is prepared by skilled chefs who have dedicated many years to pursuing their own unique ramen.
    As a result, they are able to provide customers with the best flavors and satisfaction through a single bowl of ramen.Introduction of the cuisine:Ramen Itsuki Honten offers a variety of ramen dishes on their menu.
    One of the most popular choices is the "Itsuki Ramen," which features a rich and flavorful tonkotsu (pork bone) soup paired with homemade noodles that have a delightful chewy texture.
    The toppings include tender slices of pork, seasoned boiled eggs, and green onions, enhancing the overall deliciousness of the dish.
    They also have other variations like salt-based ramen and soy sauce-based ramen, allowing customers to choose according to their preferences.Introduction of the store:Ramen Itsuki Honten is located in Ome City.
    The address is 9-2211 Shimmachi, Ome City, Tokyo.
    The store can be accessed by taking a bus from Ome Station.
    Get off at the Nishinagaoka bus stop, and the store is right in front of you.
    The interior of the store has counter seats and table seats, providing a comfortable dining experience.
    The opening hours are from 11:00 to 15:00 and 17:00 to 21:30, and they are open on Sundays as well.
    Although they have no regular closing days, there may be changes in the opening hours or regular holidays, so it is recommended to contact the store before visiting.Ramen Itsuki Honten is proud to serve delicious ramen made by skilled chefs.
    The "Itsuki Ramen" with its rich tonkotsu soup and chewy noodles is a must-try dish.
    When you visit Ome City, be sure to stop by and experience it for yourself.

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    Located in Ome City, Tokyo, "Kikuya" stands quietly in a quiet residential area.
    The interior of the store has a cozy atmosphere, with both counter seats and table seats, accommodating up to 18 guests.
    In the bright space where natural light shines in, you can spend a relaxing time.[Cook Introduction]The cook at "Kikuya" is an experienced chef with a wealth of experience.
    He excels in bringing out the umami of ingredients and providing their wonderful flavors.
    The menu of creative dishes using local ingredients changes with the seasons.
    His skills and passion create a special culinary experience for customers.[Dish Introduction]At "Kikuya," you can enjoy dishes made with fresh ingredients.
    Using carefully selected locally grown vegetables and fresh seafood, they bring out the deliciousness of seasonal ingredients to the fullest.
    The menu, which changes with the seasons, includes vibrant salads and dishes that allow you to enjoy the flavors of the ingredients.
    In addition, during lunchtime, they offer hearty lunch sets that will surely satisfy your appetite."Kikuya" is the only French restaurant in Ome City and is loved by the local community.
    You can enjoy authentic French cuisine at an affordable price, making it perfect for special dinner occasions.
    Experience a fusion of a casual atmosphere and delicious cuisine at "Kikuya" and have a blissful time.

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