The 4 Best Ramen in Omitama (Ibaraki)

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    Ramen Shop Hanamaru is a popular Chinese noodle shop located in Kobitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.The shop has 11 seats, with 7 seats at the counter and 1 table for 4 people.

    The address of the shop is 2732-4 Hatori, Kobitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and there are many other shops nearby.The shop's opening hours are from 11:45 to 14:30 and 18:00 to 20:30 on weekdays.

    They are also open on Sundays, but closed on Mondays and Thursdays.

    However, please note that the opening hours and regular holidays may change, so it is recommended to confirm in advance.

    To get to this shop, you can walk from Hatori Station on the JR Joban Line.

    Exit the ticket gate and turn left, then cross the pedestrian bridge over the railway tracks.

    Continue on the main road and after approximately 500 meters, you will find the shop.

    It is less than a 5-minute walk from Hatori Station.

    The signature dish at this shop is their Chinese ramen.

    The soup is light and goes perfectly with the noodles.

    There is a wide variety of toppings to choose from, such as chashu (roast pork), menma (bamboo shoots), and negi (green onion).

    You can also customize the firmness of the noodles to your liking, creating a personalized bowl of Chinese ramen.

    The skilled chef prepares the dishes with great care.

    They carefully prepare the soup, boil the noodles, and add the toppings.

    Each step is done with utmost attention to detail, resulting in a delicious bowl of Chinese ramen.

    Ramen Shop Hanamaru is loved by locals who appreciate their delicious Chinese ramen.

    Many people visit this shop to enjoy their tasty dishes.

    We recommend paying a visit and experiencing the flavors of their personalized Chinese ramen.


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    Asahikawa Ramen Toshimaru is a popular ramen restaurant located in Kobitama, Ibaraki Prefecture.

    The address is 1019-9 Kurimata Yonka, Kobitama, Ibaraki.

    The restaurant is open from 11:00 to 15:00 and 17:30 to 21:00, and is closed on Tuesdays.

    However, please note that the opening hours and closed days may vary, so it is recommended to check with the restaurant before visiting.

    Access to the shop is available by driving or taking the Kanetsu Green Bus.

    If you choose to take the bus, you can board buses bound for Ogawa Station, Ibaraki Airport, or Hota Station from JR Ibaraki Station East Exit Bus Terminal.

    Get off at "Tamisato Kita Elementary School Mae" bus stop and it's a 2-minute walk from there.

    If you prefer to drive, it's approximately 10-20 minutes from Ibaraki Station East Exit on Route 355, about 5.4km away.

    It is also about 4,112 meters from Takahama Station.

    Asahikawa Ramen Toshimaru serves delicious ramen.

    The characteristic of their ramen is the light and refreshing broth combined with thin noodles, which is the hallmark of Asahikawa ramen.

    The broth is made by slowly simmering chicken bones and vegetables to extract the flavor, and it is blended with soy sauce and miso, resulting in a rich and deep taste.

    Toppings such as chashu (braised pork slices), menma (bamboo shoots), and negi (green onions) are available, and customers can freely choose their preferred combination.

    Once you try it, you will surely be captivated by its deliciousness.  

    The chefs at Asahikawa Ramen Toshimaru are professionals with years of experience as ramen artisans.

    They have dedicated themselves to pursuing the perfect taste in each bowl of ramen.

    The ramen they serve is a testament to their skills and is made with utmost care to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Trust in their expertise and give it a try.Asahikawa Ramen Toshimaru is a restaurant in Kobitama, Ibaraki Prefecture, serving delicious ramen.

    We highly recommend visiting to experience its amazing flavors.

    Kimetsu no Sakura

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    "Ramen x Meat Sushi Izakaya Kimetsu no Sakura" is an izakaya located in Noda, Bito Gama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

    The establishment is known throughout Ibaraki Prefecture and specializes in ramen and meat sushi.First, let's introduce the chefs.

    The chefs at this establishment are highly experienced professionals who strive to provide delicious dishes to their customers.

    Their skillful hands create dishes that are loved by many due to their high quality.

    Next, let's introduce the dishes.The signature menus at this establishment are the ramen and meat sushi.

    The ramen is known for its perfect combination of soup and noodles, with a rich and flavorful taste.With each bite, the mellow umami and richness spread throughout your mouth.

    The meat sushi, made with fresh meat and vinegared rice, is a harmonious delight.

    Each piece of carefully crafted meat sushi is not only visually appealing but also whets your appetite.

    Furthermore, let's talk about the atmosphere of the establishment.

    The store has a bright and clean interior, catering to various needs from individual customers to group bookings.

    You can enjoy delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.In terms of operating hours, the establishment is open from morning until late at night, allowing you to dine without worrying about time.

    Please note that the regular closing days are irregular, so please check with the establishment before visiting.

    In conclusion, "Ramen x Meat Sushi Izakaya Oni no Sakura" is a special place loved by many, offering delicious dishes and skilled chefs.

    We invite you to visit and experience its charm.


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    Sandaime Mujaki is a restaurant located at 2564-3 Kurimata-4 Chome, Obitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

    The restaurant has a total of 34 seats, including a 10-seat counter and four 6-seat box seats.

    The restaurant operates during lunch hours from 11:30 to 14:30, and dinner hours from 18:00 to 21:00.It is closed on Thursdays, but open on Sundays.Please note that operating hours and closed days are subject to change, so it is recommended to contact the restaurant in advance.

    The restaurant is approximately 2,648 meters from Ishioka Station, making it accessible by public transportation.

    Sandaime Mujaki is known for its commitment to quality and originality in its cuisine, attracting many people.

    The chefs use fresh local ingredients to create dishes with their own unique twists.Each dish is carefully prepared and visually appealing.

    The interior of the restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with a homey feel.From the counter seats, customers can watch the chefs in action, giving them a close-up view of the cooking process.

    The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, which change with the seasons to keep things fresh and exciting.

    Each dish brings out the flavors of the fresh ingredients and showcases their unique taste and aroma.

    Sandaime Mujaki is a restaurant located in Kurimata, Obitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

    The passion and skills of the chefs shine through in the satisfying and delightful dishes they serve.We invite you to visit and experience their creativity for yourself.