The 4 Best Ramen in Tanashi (Tokyo)

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    Ramen Kureha

    Ramen Kureha is a ramen restaurant located in Mukodai-cho, Nishitokyo City, Tokyo.
    The restaurant only has counter seats, accommodating 8 people.
    Its operating hours are from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM and from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM, with Sunday being open as well.
    However, it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    Please note that operating hours and closures may vary, so it is recommended to contact the restaurant before visiting.One of the distinctive features of Ramen Kureha is its simple yet flavorful ramen.
    The ramen here has a rich aroma that comes from the pork bone-based soup.
    The noodles have a chewy texture that pairs well with the soup.
    Toppings include chashu (sliced pork), menma (bamboo shoots), and negi (green onions), further enhancing the flavor of the ramen.
    The simplicity of the ingredients is what makes it all the more appealing.The ramen at Ramen Kureha is crafted by skilled chefs with extensive experience in ramen making.
    They take great care in each step of the process to create a bowl of ramen.
    Their earnest dedication is what contributes to the deliciousness of the ramen.The restaurant is located a 7-minute walk from Tanashi Station South Exit.
    Alternatively, you can take the Seibu bus [Sakai 03/Ta 42/Hibari 83] from Tanashi Station, Musashisakai Station, or Hibarigaoka Station and get off at the Mukucho 1-chome bus stop.
    The accessibility is relatively convenient with multiple transportation options.Ramen Kureha offers a simple yet flavorful ramen that has captivated many people.
    The earnestness of the skilled chefs in creating each bowl of ramen is truly commendable.

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    Located in Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo, "Inoshou" is a spacious ramen restaurant with 17 seats.
    The interior of the restaurant has a U-shaped counter with 9 seats and a large table with 8 seats, providing a relaxing atmosphere.The cuisine at Inoshou uses fresh ingredients to create simple and delicious dishes.
    One highly recommended dish is the "Inoshou yaki," which is also the restaurant's namesake.
    This grilled dish showcases the skill of the chef, with a crispy exterior and juicy meat inside, delivering a burst of flavor.The ambiance of the restaurant is another appealing aspect.
    The calm atmosphere allows for a comfortable and leisurely dining experience, making it ideal for dates or gatherings with friends.
    Relaxing background music sets the tone for engaging conversations.The restaurant is conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from Hoya Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, providing easy access for customers.Operating from 10:00 AM to midnight, Inoshou is suitable for late meals and after-work gatherings.
    It is also open on Sundays, offering year-round service.
    However, please note that operating hours and regular holidays may vary, so it is recommended to contact the restaurant in advance for confirmation.
    Inoshou serves delicious food and provides a laid-back atmosphere.
    Why not visit with friends or family for a delightful experience?

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    Ramen Tanaka Aozora Shoten

    "Tanaka Aozora Shoten" is a shop located in Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo.
    The operating hours of the shop are from 11:00 to 15:00 and 18:00 to 21:00 (last order at 20:45), with Thursdays being regular closing days (there may also be irregular closures).
    However, please make sure to confirm with the shop before visiting as the operating hours or closing days may change.The shop is conveniently located near Seibu Yanagizawa Station, which is a 3-minute walk (285m) away.
    It is relatively easy to access by public transportation."Tanaka Aozora Warai-ten" offers delicious cuisine.
    The chefs are experienced and skilled, and their dishes are highly regarded.The menu includes a wide variety of dishes, ranging from Japanese to Western cuisine.
    They use seasonal ingredients to bring out the flavors and take great care in their cooking techniques, resulting in beautiful and flavorful dishes.The interior of the shop has a calm atmosphere, providing a comfortable dining experience.
    The service is attentive, and the staff members are excellent."Tanaka Aozora Warai-ten" is a place that offers delicious food and a pleasant ambiance.
    Please visit and enjoy its charms.

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    Ramen Mizukaze

    Mizukaze is a ramen shop located in Tanashi-cho, Nishitokyo City, Tokyo.
    The interior of the shop has a calm atmosphere with only 5 counter seats.The signature menu of this shop is the Mizukaze Ramen.
    This ramen features a rich pork bone broth that is worth trying once.
    The soup is simmered slowly over time, packed with umami flavors.
    The tender chashu (pork slices) floating on top are full of meaty goodness.
    The noodles are specially made to complement the Mizukaze Ramen, creating a perfect harmony with the soup.
    Toppings such as menma (bamboo shoots) and green onions add even more flavor.
    Once you try it, you'll definitely become a repeat customer for its deliciousness.The chefs at this shop are professionals with expertise in ramen-making.
    They pay attention to every detail, from ingredient selection to the way the soup is cooked.
    Their skills and passion are poured into each bowl of ramen.Menzai Mizukaze is located a 4-minute walk from Tanashi Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line.
    It is tucked away in a quiet alley near Tanashi Station, making it worth a visit.
    The interior is small and can get crowded, but the Mizukaze Ramen served here is something special that cannot be found elsewhere.
    Be sure to visit and experience it for yourself.

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