Reservation for Satsuma Gashotei in Kagoshima

updated: May 23th, 2024

Enjoy delicious Kyushu eel dishes at Satsuma Gashotei Kagoshima Honten in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture. Taste their specialties like Eel Lunch and Special Unatama Don. Experience the unique flavors of grilled eel and indulge in a calm and relaxing ambiance. Don't miss the must-try Unagi Ju Plum. Visit now for an unforgettable dining experience.

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    "Satsuma Gashotei Kagoshima Honten" is a restaurant located in Kanogeshima, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
     It is situated approximately 100 meters from Tenmonkan Park and 222 meters from Kotochugakko-mae Station.
     The restaurant has 48 seats, with 10 counter seats and 4 table seats on the first floor, and 3 private rooms (with traditional seating for up to 26 people) on the second floor.
    This restaurant is popular for its dishes made with eel from Kyushu.
     The menu includes items such as "Eel Lunch" and "Special Unatama Don."
     Kyushu eel is grilled rather than steamed, giving it a crispy texture.
     In particular, the "Special Unatama Don" features a fluffy omelette with a large, juicy and tender eel fillet on top, allowing diners to add sauce according to their preference.
    The chefs carefully select ingredients and prepare dishes with skill and expertise.
     The "Unagi Ju Plum" is especially highly recommended and is a must-try when visiting Kagoshima.
     The restaurant ambiance is also calm and relaxing, with attentive service provided by young female staff.
    "Satsuma Gashotei Kagoshima Honten" is highly regarded by locals and is known for its good value.
     The "Premium Kanpachi Marinated Don" and "Karaage" dishes, in particular, are praised for their generous portions and delicious flavors.
     The rice, cooked in a southern iron pot, and the accompanying salad also contribute to a healthy dining experience.
    The dedication of the chefs is evident in every dish, making it a great choice for those who want to savor Kyushu eel or try local specialty dishes.
     We recommend you visit the restaurant and experience it for yourself.


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