Reservation for Tenkaichi No Yakiniku Shoutaian Funabashi Sohonten in Chiba

updated: May 20th, 2024

Enjoy premium yakiniku in Funabashi, Chiba. Experience exquisite flavors at Tenkaichi No Yakiniku Shoutaian. Located near Funabashi Station.

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    "Tenkaichi No Yakiniku Shoutaian Funabashi Sohonten" is located in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, and is a 6-minute walk from the south exit of JR Sobu Line "Funabashi Station," a 5-minute walk from the east exit of JR Keisei Line "Funabashi Station," and a 7-minute walk from the Tobu Noda Line "Funabashi Station" Tobu Line ticket gate.
     The restaurant has 42 seats on the 1st and 2nd floors, and private rooms are also available.
    At this restaurant, they offer a course called "Shoutaian Goshoku," which features premium yakiniku, as well as menu items such as "Drinkable Hamburg.
    " Notably, they use A5-ranked black wagyu for their dishes, and with the skills of professional chefs, you can enjoy an exquisite taste.
    The chefs are dedicated to using carefully selected ingredients and preparing them with great care.
     They will cook the meat to perfection, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious dining experience.
     Menu items such as "Champion Yukke" are also popular and guarantee satisfaction with their delicious flavors.
    The restaurant has a beautiful ambiance, and private rooms are available.
     The staff provides excellent service, making it perfect for special occasions or celebrations.
    Please visit "Tenkaichi No Yakiniku Shoutaian Funabashi Sohonten" at least once.
     The dishes and service provided here will surely leave you satisfied.


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