Reservation for Yakiniku Ponga Shibuya Ebisu in Tokyo

updated: June 07th, 2024

Enjoy delicious yakiniku in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo at Yakiniku Ponga Ebisu. Indulge in carefully-selected wagyu beef cuts like tongue and sirloin. Located just minutes from Ebisu Station, experience a wonderful dining atmosphere.

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    The Yakiniku Ponga Ebisu branch is located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
     It is conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from Ebisu Station and a 3-minute walk from Daikanyama Station.
     The restaurant has 22 seats and offers a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying your meal.
    This restaurant serves yakiniku using carefully selected wagyu beef, with particular popularity for cuts like tongue and sirloin.
     The tongue has a high-quality fat and a chewy texture that is simply outstanding.
     Pairing it with foie gras and truffle rice cooked in a clay pot enhances the overall enjoyment.
    The chefs here pay great attention to the ingredients and prepare them with care.
     Their signature dishes, such as Negi-tan (grilled scallion and tongue) and Misuji Marbled Kalbi Sirloin, showcase their exceptional skills.
     Additionally, the restaurant offers a variety of course menus, starting from 10,000 yen, and also provides private rooms for a more comfortable yakiniku experience.
    We invite you to visit Yakiniku Ponga Ebisu branch to indulge in delicious yakiniku and a wonderful atmosphere, creating a truly special dining experience.


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