Reservation for Azabujuban Sushi Mumei in Tokyo

updated: July 02th, 2024

Experience the finest Edomae sushi in Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Indulge in meticulously crafted nigiri sushi and seasonal dishes. Book now to discover the hidden delights of Azabujuban Sushi Mumei.

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    "Azabujuban Sushi Mumei" is a restaurant located in Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
     The establishment is within walking distance from Azabujuban Station.
     With its 8-seat counter, the restaurant offers a tranquil ambiance and excellent service.
    The menu at this restaurant focuses on Edomae sushi, with their chef's recommended course being particularly popular.
     Guests can enjoy beautifully crafted nigiri sushi and refined flavors.
     In addition, the restaurant also offers a variety of seasonal dishes made with carefully selected ingredients, which are highly praised for their exquisite taste.
    The head chef at "Azabujuban Sushi Mumei" is Mr.
     Reiji Hiyoshi, who uses exceptional ingredients from all over Japan to create dishes that showcase his skills and sensibilities.
     His sincere attitude and meticulous work are often recognized and highly appreciated by visitors.
    "Azabujuban Sushi Mumei" is a unique restaurant with a non-disclosed address and a partially membership-based system.
     The exact location is only revealed upon making a reservation, adding to its secretive nature.
     Reservations can be made by phone or online.
     The name "Mumei" signifies the pursuit of providing genuine satisfaction to customers, rather than being bound by a name.
    We invite you to visit "Azabujuban Sushi Mumei" and experience its delightful cuisine and peaceful atmosphere.




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