Reservation for Ebisu Endo in Shibuya, Tokyo

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    Ebisu Endo is located in Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, just a short 245m walk from Ebisu Station.

    Although this restaurant has only 8 seats, it provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

    Chef Kishi Endo is responsible for the cuisine at Ebisu Endo.

    With his family background in sushi, Chef Endo has honed his skills at renowned establishments such as "Sushi Mizutani" in Ginza, "Sushi Saito" in Roppongi, and "Hasegawa Minoru" in Hiroo.

    You can enjoy dishes that showcase his experience and expertise.

    Ebisu Endo's cuisine is characterized by the use of fresh ingredients and simple yet delicious dishes.

    From colorful sashimi to exquisite sushi with a perfect balance of toppings and rice, each dish reflects Chef Endo's dedication and skill.

    The restaurant operates from 12:00 for lunch and 17:30 for dinner, offering the choice of visiting at your preferred time.

    Due to its limited seating, it is recommended to make a reservation before visiting Ebisu Endo.

    In a cozy atmosphere, you can savor dishes prepared by Chef Endo.

    Additionally, the restaurant is conveniently located near Ebisu Station, making it easily accessible.

    For those seeking high-quality ingredients and culinary craftsmanship, Ebisu Endo is definitely worth a visit.

    Ebisu Endo offers simple and delicious cuisine.

    Chef Endo's experience and expertise shine through, enhancing the flavors of the fresh ingredients.

    The intimate dining experience in a small establishment allows for a luxurious time.

    When visiting Ebisu, be sure to try Chef Endo's cuisine at Ebisu Endo.




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