Reservation for Ginza Lobby in Tokyo

updated: November 21th, 2023

Discover Ginza Lobby, a hidden gem in Tokyo's Chuo Ward. Experience exquisite Japanese cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for dates or business entertainment.

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    Ginza Lobby is a Japanese restaurant located in Chuo Ward, Tokyo.
     The interior has an elegant atmosphere with a calm and relaxing ambience.
     The dishes are made with carefully selected ingredients, offering a variety of Japanese cuisine such as charcoal-grilled dishes and small plates.
     Some recommended dishes include vinegared Kohada (gizzard shad), deep-fried Nagaimo (Japanese yam) with crispy seaweed, and grilled Gindara (sablefish) with Saikyo miso.
     They also have a wide selection of sake, including local shochu and regional sake.
     The chef's specialties, such as Menchikatsu (deep-fried minced meat cutlet) and Gyuharami (beef skirt steak) with sansho (Japanese pepper), are also outstanding.
     The restaurant is located in a narrow building, creating a hidden-gem-like atmosphere for its visitors. However, please note that there is no elevator, and you will need to climb the stairs.
     With the quality of their Japanese cuisine and the chefs' skills and dedication, the overall satisfaction is high.
     Whether it's for a date or business entertainment, it is definitely worth a visit.




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