Reservation for Sushi Kagami in Akasaka, Tokyo

updated: January 18th, 2024

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    Kagami is a restaurant located in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, where Toshio Kagami, an alumnus of the famous sushi restaurant "Mitani," serves as the owner.

    Kagami had also served as the assistant manager at "Kioicho Mitani" and opened his own restaurant as an officially recognized establishment of Mitani.

    The restaurant has a calm atmosphere with only counter seats.The cuisine is best paired with Japanese sake, with careful consideration given to bringing out the flavors of the ingredients.

    Particularly noteworthy are dishes featuring delicacies from the sea, such as sea urchin, hairy crab, and cutlassfish.

    Additionally, guests can enjoy traditional sushi fare like bonito sashimi and lean tuna nigiri.Kagami's nigiri sushi, showcasing Kagami's skills, is served handcrafted, with a perfect balance of saltiness and acidity that creates a rich and deep flavor.

    The fatty tuna nigiri is highly recommended, as the addition of sesame enhances its deliciousness even more.Kagami constantly strives for new culinary experiments and exploration, pursuing the ultimate taste.

    Visitors can experience Kagami's unique dedication while enjoying outstanding dishes.

    I highly recommend visiting Kagami.




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