Reservation for Sushi Kawaramachi Hajime Kanazawa in Ishikawa

updated: April 21th, 2024

Discover the exquisite sushi at Kawaramachi Hajime in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Enjoy the unique flavors and calm atmosphere of this renowned restaurant.

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    The shop "Kawaramachi Hajime" is located in Katamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
     It is approximately 918m from Noyamachi Station on foot.
    This shop is known for serving delicious sushi.
     The Ara (gizzard shad) and Kipposu (Kypros) tuna in particular are said to be exquisite.
     The head chef's gentle personality also creates a calm atmosphere.
    The ambiance of the shop is also lovely and clean.
     The seating is not crowded, allowing guests to enjoy their meals leisurely.
    Furthermore, as can be seen from the reviews, it is possible to visit by reservation.
     The dishes are served in an omakase course, and you can also enjoy the sake recommended by the proprietress.
    Each dish, such as broiled Kamasu (barracuda) nigiri or hamachi (yellowtail) meatball soup, is carefully prepared.
     The "anago (conger eel) nigiri" and "shirako (cod milt) o-wan" are especially recommended.
    The chefs carefully select the ingredients and take great care in cooking.
     Many of their dishes showcase their skills and offer unique and well-balanced flavors.
    When visiting Kanazawa, be sure to visit "Kawaramachi Hajime".
     It is a wonderful shop where you can enjoy delicious sushi and other dishes.




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