Reservation for Kouzushi in Kuramae, Tokyo

updated: December 05th, 2023

Experience authentic Edomae-style sushi at Sushi Kouzushi in Kuramae, Tokyo. Taste the exquisite balance of flavors in our omakase courses, prepared with seasonal ingredients. Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere and friendly conversations with our owner and proprietress. Visit them for a culinary journey through traditional craftsmanship and dedication.

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     Kouzushi is a long-established sushi restaurant located in Taito, Tokyo.
     The owner, Toshiyuki Shinohara, has been dedicated to Edomae-style sushi, allowing guests to enjoy authentic Edo-style sushi.
    The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with 12 counter seats.
     Mr.Shinohara and the proprietress take care of the service, creating a friendly atmosphere and engaging in enjoyable conversations.
    At Kouzushi, the omakase course is popular, with two options: the Enshu Course  and the Rikyu Course.
     Each piece of sushi is carefully prepared, showcasing the traditional craftsmanship.
    The dishes feature seasonal ingredients, and the balance between the sushi rice and toppings is exquisite.
     The small fin and squid ink sushi, in particular, are superb and leave a lasting impression.
    Moreover, the rolled sushi with dried gourd shavings and tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) are also delicious.
     The soup changes with the seasons, offering a new taste experience each time.
    If you are looking for authentic Edomae-style sushi, Kouzushi is a place you must visit.




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