Reservation for Yakiniku Nikuya Daizen Chiryu in Aichi

updated: July 11th, 2024

Discover the best yakiniku in Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture at Nikuya Daizen CHIRYU CROSS GATE. Indulge in luxurious Japanese barbecue and enjoy a stunning selection of brand beef. Located just steps away from Chiryu Station, this is the ultimate dining destination for a memorable experience.

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    Nikuya Daizen CHIRYU CROSS GATE is located in Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture, and is a convenient 1-minute walk from Chiryu Station.
     The restaurant has a modern and luxurious atmosphere, with a total of 124 seats including counter, private booths, table private rooms, and a VIP room.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy delicious yakiniku (Japanese barbecue).
     The brand beef course and the chef's selection brand beef assortment are particularly popular.
     The dishes are not only of high quality but also visually appealing.
    In addition, this establishment offers a variety of fruits, including fruit parfaits, as desserts.
     The fruit parfaits, especially when enjoyed alongside the luxurious beef platter, are highly recommended.
    The chefs at Nikuya Daizen CHIRYU CROSS GATE are dedicated to using quality ingredients and carefully preparing each dish.
     Their culinary skills shine through in every delicious and satisfying meal they serve.
    Reservations are not always required at this restaurant, and it is possible to be seated in a private room without one.
     This makes it a popular choice for dates and business entertainment.
    We invite you to visit Nikuya Daizen CHIRYU CROSS GATE in Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture.
     You can enjoy a luxurious atmosphere and delicious cuisine for an unforgettable dining experience.


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