Reservation for SAKAE SUSHI in Tokyo

updated: February 28th, 2024

Enjoy delicious sushi and Kaiseki dishes at Sakae Sushi in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Conveniently located near Shimokitazawa Station, indulge in our exceptional Aji and Kappa nigiri sushi. Experience authentic flavors and meticulous preparation in a cozy atmosphere. Visit us today!

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    "Sakae Sushi" is a sushi restaurant located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
     It is situated just a 2-minute walk from Shimokitazawa Station.
     The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with 30 seats.
    Known for its outstanding Aji (horse mackerel) and Kappa (cucumber) nigiri sushi, Sakae Sushi has gained a reputation for its exceptional quality.
     The Kappa sushi, in particular, is so delicious that customers often order seconds.
     The head chef has a unique background, and the female proprietor warmly welcomes guests, making it a popular spot among regulars.
    In addition to sushi, Sakae Sushi offers a variety of authentic Kaiseki (traditional multi-course) dishes, which are highly regarded.
     The side dishes, such as Ohitashi (boiled greens in soy-based sauce) and Nimono (simmered dishes), are meticulously prepared and of high quality.
    As for the store information, the restaurant is open from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM for lunch and from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM for dinner (no lunch on Sundays).
    Sakae Sushi prides itself on offering delicious sushi and Kaiseki dishes made with carefully selected ingredients.
     We invite you to visit and experience it for yourself.




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