Reservation for Shabuki Shinbashi in Tokyo

updated: November 17th, 2023

Indulge in the finest Kuroge Wagyu shabu-shabu and sukiyaki at our Shinbashi store. Taste and compare the three major Kuroge Wagyu beef varieties, along with fresh vegetables and rare mushrooms. Located in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

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     Shabuki Shinbashi is located in Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
    Here, you can enjoy shabu-shabu and sukiyaki of Japanese black beef.
    The restaurant's atmosphere is relaxed yet spacious, with counter seats and private rooms available.
    The chefs use a slicer to cut the meat, so you can enjoy a live performance from the counter seats.
    The first dish on the menu is vegetable sticks.
    Five kinds of vegetables, including red-centered daikon radish and carrots, are served with Saikyo miso bagna cauda sauce.
    There is also a wide assortment of specialty mushrooms, from beech peas to fresh wood ear, which can be enjoyed in various varieties.
    And the most popular dish is a comparison of Japan's three major black wagyu beef.
    Visitors can enjoy different parts of Matsuzaka beef, Kobe beef, and Omi beef.
    The meat quality and taste are different, and each can be carefully shabu-shabu-ed.
    The thick sirloin cut with a slicer melts in your mouth.
    The meal ends with chanpon noodles. The thick champon noodles are firm and chewy, and when combined with the bonito broth, the noodles have a refreshing taste.
    The restaurant's interior has a stylish and relaxed atmosphere and can be used for dates or business entertainment.
    Try it out for yourself.




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