Reservation for Sushi Akazu Kanayama Shinjuku in Tokyo

updated: June 03th, 2024

Looking for high-quality sushi in Shinjuku? Look no further! Experience the delicious flavors of Sushi Akazu Kanayama. Don't miss out on the best sushi in town.

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    "Sushi Akazu Kanayama" is a sushi restaurant located in Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
     The establishment is a 5-minute walk from the JR Shinjuku Station West Exit, and only 97 meters away from the Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station.
     The restaurant has 8 counter seats, creating a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying your meal.
    One of the main features of this restaurant is the use of red vinegar in the sushi rice, paired with delicious toppings.
     The quality of the sushi has been highly praised in reviews.
     They also offer a variety of premium toppings like caviar, crab, and sea urchin, allowing customers to enjoy a diverse range of flavors.
    The chefs at "Sushi Akazu Kanayama" take great care in selecting and preparing their ingredients.
     Their live shrimp, in particular, is highly regarded for its freshness.
     They also serve a variety of unique toppings, such as "Akagai Himo" (red clam sashimi) and "Toro Taku Maki" (fatty tuna and pickled radish roll), which are all delicious.
    The restaurant owner is known for their hospitality and friendly demeanor, warmly welcoming all visitors.
     "Sushi Akazu Kanayama" is known for being easy to make reservations at, and many guests express a desire to return.
    In this quiet space, a stark contrast to the bustling area of Shinjuku, guests can enjoy delicious sushi made with red vinegar rice.
     The restaurant also offers a variety of small dishes and nigiri sushi, following the tradition of Edo-style cuisine.
     The course menu includes dishes such as simmered octopus with cherry blossom and duck liver simmered in a flavorful sauce, allowing guests to savor a wide range of flavors.
    "Sushi Akazu Kanayama" is a unique sushi restaurant in the Shinjuku area, known for its high quality and relaxed atmosphere.
     We invite you to visit and experience it for yourself.


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