Reservation for Sushi Hajime Nishi-Sugamo in Tokyo

updated: June 03th, 2024

Savor the finest sushi in Tokyo's Kita Ward at Sushi Hajime. Impeccable flavors of sea urchin and sardine await. Discover this hidden gem for yourself.

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    "Sushi Hajime" is a sushi restaurant located in Takanogawa, Kita Ward, Tokyo.
     The restaurant is approximately 400m walking distance from Nishi-Sugamo Station.
     It has 11 seats available, including counter seats and raised seating areas.
    This restaurant offers high-quality sushi, particularly renowned for its beautifully-presented and unforgettable flavors of sea urchin and sardine sashimi and nigiri.
     The variety of sake available is also extensive, and it is praised for its cost performance, as you can enjoy a generous amount of sake for less than 20,000 yen.
    The chefs at Sushi Hajime are dedicated to ensuring the freshness of their ingredients, and their skills have gained attention from the media.
     It is recommended to try their sardine during the rainy season.
    While being a destination for sushi enthusiasts, Sushi Hajime conveys the passion for sushi through the chefs' knowledge, techniques, and creative ideas.
     It is highly regarded as a "hidden gem" that offers surprisingly delicious dishes at reasonable prices.
    The chefs only use seasonal ingredients and are particular about their cooking methods.
     The nigiri of "sardine" and "oyster" are especially recommended and worth trying.
    Please visit "Sushi Hajime" and experience the delicious sushi and excellent service .


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