Reservation for Shinjuku Teppanyaki YOKOTA in Shinjuku, Tokyo

updated: November 14th, 2023

Discover Shinjuku Teppanyaki YOKOTA, a top-of-the-line teppanyaki restaurant in Tokyo. Indulge in exquisite dishes with a unique twist, featuring tender meat, delicious seafood, and butter soy sauce. Located in Nishi-Shinjuku, near Shinjuku Station.

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    Shinjuku Teppanyaki YOKOTA is a teppanyaki restaurant located in Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
     The restaurant is on the 5th floor of the Ohtaka Building and is conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.
     The opening hours are 11:30am to 3:00pm for lunch and 4:00pm to 11:00pm for dinner, with irregular closing days except for Sundays.
    The restaurant boasts a seating capacity of 20, providing a quiet atmosphere for a relaxed dining experience.
     The chefs and staff are committed to providing attentive service, ensuring a pleasant visit for guests.
    The cuisine offered is creative teppanyaki, with unique twists to differentiate itself from other establishments.
     The menu features exquisite dishes such as abalone and teppanyaki with flavorful butter soy sauce, as well as tender meat and delicious seafood.
     Additionally, the chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) and grilled vegetables are highly recommended.
     The black wagyu steak and grilled live abalone are particularly popular, leaving diners impressed with their deliciousness.
    Shinjuku Teppanyaki YOKOTA offers a high-class ambiance and delectable cuisine.
     It's definitely worth a visit.




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