Reservation for Yakitori Tsukada Naka-Meguro in Tokyo

updated: April 22th, 2024

Delicious yakitori in Meguro, Tokyo. Enjoy unique and flavorful grilled chicken skewers at Yakitori Tsukada.

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    "Yakitori Tsukada" is a yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) restaurant located in Meguro, Tokyo.
     It's conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from Nakameguro Station.
    The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with 16 counter seats, 12 tatami seats, and 4 tables that can accommodate 4 people each, making it perfect for a date or a meal with friends.
    At "Yakitori Tsukada", you can enjoy delicious yakitori with a unique and flavorful twist.
     Each skewer is juicy and has a rich charcoal aroma, setting it apart from traditional high-end yakitori places.
     The taste is strangely delicious.
    In addition, the small dishes menu is also impressive and offers a variety of options that will surely keep you entertained.
     However, please note that the menu items may change from time to time.
    The chefs at "Yakitori Tsukada" take great care in selecting and preparing the ingredients, resulting in perfectly grilled skewers that are simply outstanding.
     The shoulder meat, in particular, has a crispy yet juicy texture and is cooked to perfection.
    The staff at the restaurant are friendly and provide excellent service.
     They will also provide detailed explanations of recommended wines that pair well with the dishes, allowing you to fully enjoy your drinks.
    Please visit "Yakitori Tsukada" and experience the delicious yakitori and wonderful ambiance for yourself.
     It guarantees a pleasant and satisfying time.




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