2024 Michelin Tokyo Chinese Restaurant : Chugoku Hanten Kohakukyu (Amber Palace) (1 star)

updated: May 13th, 2024

Discover the refined and modern Chinese cuisine at Chugoku Hanten Kohakukyu. Located in Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, experience a taste that surpasses others, including the famous Peking Duck. Dine amidst a majestic view of the Imperial Palace.

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    Chugoku Hanten Kohakukyu is a restaurant located in Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi.
     It is an 8-minute walk from the JR "Tokyo Station" Marunouchi North Exit, and is also directly accessible from the underground passage from the subway "Otemachi Station" C13b exit.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy various course dishes such as the Jade course for 7,700 yen and the Pearl course.
     One highly recommended dish is the famous Peking Duck.
     The crispy duck skin and refreshing cucumber perfectly complement each other, creating a taste that surpasses others.
    In addition, a perfect lineup of appetizers, siu mai, soup, main dishes, and fried rice is available.
     All the dishes are perfectly portioned and delicately seasoned, earning high acclaim for their high-level cuisine.
    The restaurant has 108 seats, but the view from the Imperial Palace side is particularly recommended.
     It is a place that will satisfy those who love tall buildings.
    Chugoku Hanten Kohakukyu is located on the 5th floor of the Palace Hotel Tokyo, which is known as one of Japan's leading luxury hotels.
     Chugoku Hanten Kohakukyu is a high-class restaurant within the hotel, offering noble Chinese cuisine.
    The chefs carefully prepare the ingredients and create delicious dishes with delicate attention and cooking methods.
     In particular, the seasoning and cooking method of Peking Duck have a unique originality not found in other restaurants.
    Inside the restaurant, Chinese ancient musical instruments are displayed and can be enjoyed.
     However, some people mentioned that it would be nice to have more detailed information about the instruments.
    The price range is slightly higher, but you can also order à la carte in small portions, making it recommended even for small groups.
    Chugoku Hanten Kohakukyu is operated by the Chinese Restaurant Group, which was established in 1961, and it provides refined and modern Chinese cuisine, as the name "Kohakukyu" suggests.
    Please visit and enjoy the noble Chinese cuisine.


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