2024 Michelin Tokyo French Restaurant : ESqUISSE (2 star)

updated: January 19th, 2024

Discover the fusion of French culinary techniques and Japanese ingredients at Esquisse, a French restaurant in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Indulge in exquisite dishes and freshly baked bread at this charming establishment.

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    ESqUISSE is a French restaurant located in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
    The restaurant is located on the 9th floor of Royal Crystal Ginza, a 3-minute walk from Ginza subway station.
    The restaurant has 38 seats, and there is a private room that can accommodate up to 12 people.
    The cuisine at Esquisse is characterized by an exquisite fusion of French techniques and Japanese ingredients.
    The chef and sommelier bring out the best of the ingredients and combine them with the best balanced wines.
    The menu, which changes with the seasons, uses fresh, seasonal ingredients to delight diners with flavors unique to the time of year. The chef's delicate technique shines through, bringing out the best of the ingredients' natural flavors, impressing visitors with the sense of the season.
    The highly acclaimed menu includes the "Journey of Truth" course and dishes such as "Gift," "Harmony," and "Pleasure.
    ESqUISSE also offers freshly baked bread, which is also highly regarded for its delicious taste.
    ESqUISSE is known for its relaxed atmosphere, with private and semi-private rooms available. The private space can turn a special occasion or a meal with your loved ones into something even more special. The serene atmosphere creates a luxurious moment together with the cuisine.
    ESqUISSE is truly a blissful space for gourmet lovers and those interested in the arts. Sophisticated cuisine, beautiful art, and a fine atmosphere combine to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience.




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