2024 Michelin Tokyo Ramen : Chukasoba Ginza Hachigou (Bib Gourmand)

updated: May 08th, 2024

Discover a popular ramen restaurant in Tokyo's Chuo Ward, Chukasoba Ginza Hachigo. Enjoy their delicious and flavorful ramen, featuring a harmonious blend of soup, fish, and meat. Visit now for an unforgettable dining experience.

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    Chukasoba Ginza Hachigo is a popular ramen restaurant located in Chuo Ward, Tokyo.
     The interior of the restaurant consists only of counter seats and can accommodate only six people.
    But the introduction of a reservation system to eliminate waiting time has also been well-received.
     The Special Chuka Soba is the most popular dish, with a clear and beautiful soup that is full of flavor.
     It pairs perfectly with the thin noodles, and the chashu (sliced pork) and menma (bamboo shoots) are also deliciously seasoned.
     The atmosphere of the restaurant is clean and the staff's service is polite.
    The chef who prepares the dishes was a French chef for 36 years and has now devoted his passion to making a bowl of ramen.
     His ramen is like a full-course French meal, with the "soup," "poisson" (fish), and "viande" (meat) harmoniously combined.
     It is meticulously crafted with a golden soup and specially made thin noodles.
    Ginza Hachigo has become a prominent presence in the Tokyo gourmet scene and has even been awarded one Michelin star.
    Therefore, it is a restaurant that many people want to visit.
    Why don't you visit there?




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