2024 Michelin Osaka Japanese Restaurant : Shinchi Yamamoto (1 star)

updated: May 07th, 2024

Discover the exquisite flavors of Osaka cuisine at Shinchi Yamamoto, located in Kita Ward. Indulge in luxurious Japanese courses crafted with quality ingredients and meticulous cooking. Book your reservation today for a memorable dining experience.

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    "Shinchi Yamamoto" is a restaurant located in Osaka City, Kita Ward, Osaka Prefecture.
     The restaurant is conveniently accessible from Keihan "Oebashi Station" Exit 5, JR "Kitashinchi Station" Exit 11-43, Keihan and Osaka Municipal Subway "Yodoyabashi Station" Exit 7, and a 12-minute walk from JR "Osaka Station".
     Inside the restaurant, there is a counter with 8 seats.
    This restaurant offers Japanese cuisine courses, and despite not ordering a lot of alcohol, you can enjoy a luxurious course meal that costs around 60,000 yen per person.
     In Tokyo, a similar course would cost around 30,000 yen per person.
    The chefs at this restaurant focus on the quality of the ingredients and prepare the dishes with great care.
     They start preparing in the morning and their dedicated cooking is a sight to behold.
     The reservation-only establishment only serves one sitting per day, making it difficult to secure a reservation, but the reason for that is the undeniable quality of the cuisine.
     Everything, from the dishes themselves to the presentation, is handmade, and the eel, in particular, is meticulously deboned to ensure a delicious and bone-free dining experience.
    Furthermore, even after relocating, the restaurant continues to be popular.
     The newly built interior exudes a serene atmosphere.
     Only course meals are served, and you can enjoy adorable Japanese dishes that reflect the changing seasons.
     The harmonious banter between the head chef and the female proprietor also helps to ease any tension.
    "Shinchi Yamamoto" offers a variety of delicious dishes, including Miyazaki beef and eel bowls.
     You can savor the exquisite flavors that are born from their commitment to quality ingredients and meticulous cooking methods.
     We highly recommend visiting the restaurant.


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