Reservation for Isseki Sancho Bettei Nishiazabu in Tokyo

updated: June 04th, 2024

Experience the charm of Edo culture at Isseki Sancho Bettei, a hidden gem Japanese restaurant in Minato City, Tokyo. Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine in a serene atmosphere.

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    Isseki Sancho Bettei is a hidden gem Japanese restaurant located in Nishi-Azabu, Minato City, Tokyo.
     The interior has a calm atmosphere that exudes the charm of Edo culture.
     Especially at the counter seats, you can experience a live feeling and witness the skills of the chefs up close.
    The dishes are meticulously prepared, enhancing the deliciousness of the ingredients.
     Various courses are available, such as the Soten Course and a la carte menu, with options including all-you-can-drink plans.
    There are also private rooms available, making it suitable for entertaining guests or going on a date.
     The staff provide polite and attentive service.
    Isseki Sancho Bettei offers seasonal and authentic Japanese cuisine.
     The Soten Course starts with appetizers such as walnut soba noodles and tsukimi manju yuba an, followed by various dishes like a platter of fresh fish of the day, grilled dishes, and deep-fried dishes.
     Particularly exquisite are the "Eel Niju-Jōshi" made with eel from Lake Hamana and the clay pot rice with autumn salmon and mushrooms.
     The cuisine at Isseki Sancho Bettei is created by the head chefs of the Isseki Sancho Group.
     They cherish traditional Edo-style cooking while incorporating new ideas from various perspectives.
     Their skills and sensibility bring out the maximum flavors of the ingredients.
    Isseki Sancho Bettei is a place where you can enjoy a pleasant time with its serene atmosphere and delicious cuisine.
     Please come and visit us.




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