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updated: August 17th, 2023

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    "Kizaki" in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, is a sushi restaurant opened in 2018 by the young head chef, Hitoshi Kizaki, at the age of only 28.

    Kizaki gained experience working at famous sushi restaurants "Ginza Kyubei" and even earned Michelin stars at "Sushi Tokami".

    His passion and dedication to his craft have been highly acclaimed.The interior of the restaurant is adorned with extravagant use of Japanese cypress, and there are eight seats at the straight counter.

    Lunch and dinner courses are served, featuring a wide variety of exquisite sushi.

    In particular, the tuna nigiri includes three types: lean tuna, medium fatty tuna, and fatty tuna, embodying the essence of traditional Edo-style sushi.The tranquil atmosphere of the restaurant, coupled with Kizaki's dignified presence and friendly communication with the proprietress, creates a pleasant dining experience.

    Kizaki's engaging stories also make the conversation enjoyable, fostering a welcoming ambiance.Each dish showcases Kizaki's attention to detail.

    The simmered cheek meat of the tuna and the spring snapper adorned with grated egg yolk are some highlights that bring out the maximum flavor of the ingredients.

    Additionally, side dishes such as simmered clams and grilled eel are phenomenal, offering unique cooking methods and flavors.Apart from sushi, other dishes like agar jelly and fatty tuna roll in a bowl are also available.

    The rich soup stock of the bowl, in particular, is exquisite, allowing one to savor the delightful taste until the very end.Ultimately, "Kizaki" is a place where one can experience Kizaki's skills and dedication through his sushi, while enjoying the serene ambiance.

    His warmth and passion for cooking resonate, captivating those who visit.

    We highly recommend paying a visit to this remarkable establishment.




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