Reservation for Kyobashi Basara in Tokyo

updated: November 16th, 2023

Enjoy innovative Japanese cuisine at Kyobashi Basara in Chuo Ward, Tokyo. Indulge in their popular Tomato Sukiyaki and diverse menu, all created by renowned chef Yuji Koyama. Visit today and experience the freedom and unconventionality of Basara.

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     Kyobashi Basara, located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, is an inventive Japanese restaurant produced by Aoyagi, a ryotei restaurant in Tokushima.
    The restaurant offers spacious counter seats, table seats, and private rooms, providing a relaxing atmosphere.
    The chef at Kyobashi Basara is Tokushima native Hirohisa Koyama.
    He trained at Aoyagi, one of the most famous restaurants in Tokushima, and has also worked at many restaurants he has produced.
    At Kyobashi Basara, he creates his own original Japanese cuisine, which is based on a sense of seasonality and traditional techniques, but with a free-flowing imagination.
    His cuisine is characterized by delicate and beautiful presentation and exquisite cooking methods that enhance the flavors of the ingredients.
    While respecting the sense of seasonality and traditional techniques, the restaurant is based on the concept of "Basara = free as you please.
    The restaurant is also available for lunch and can be used for various occasions such as dinners and year-end parties.
    The creative Japanese cuisine created by chef Hirohisa Koyama is delicate and delicious, and is served with a free spirit while respecting the seasons and traditional techniques.
    The famous "Tomato Sukiyaki" is especially popular, a dish that combines beef and tomatoes.
    Also recommended is the appetizer platter called "Bunbako Hassun," which is filled with colorful mountain and sea delicacies.
    Please visit and enjoy.




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