2024 Michelin Tokyo French Restaurant : LE BOURGUIGNON (Recommend)

updated: July 02th, 2024

Indulge in the delicate flavors at "Le Bourguignon," a French restaurant in Minato City, Tokyo. Enjoy the chef's dedication to Hokkaido ingredients and winter delicacies. Located just minutes away from Roppongi, this restaurant will satisfy both your taste buds and wine cravings.

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    "Le Bourguignon" is a restaurant located in Nishi-Azabu, Minato City, Tokyo.
     It is a 7-minute walk from Roppongi and a 2-minute walk from the Grand Hyatt, with Roppongi Station being 603 meters away.
     The restaurant has a seating capacity of 20, including 16 table seats and 4 semi-private seats.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy the chef's dedication to ingredients from his hometown, Hokkaido, and winter delicacies.
     The cuisine is delicate and delicious, and the chef personally greets guests before and after the course.
     The staff also provide excellent service.
    Additionally, "Le Bourguignon" is known for its extensive wine list, making it a dream location for wine enthusiasts.
    Chef Kikuchi is a well-known figure, having appeared on NHK and contributed to a column in the Asahi Shimbun.
     You can visit the restaurant with confidence, as it has a bright and lovely interior and friendly waitstaff.
    The restaurant has received high praise from customers, with comments such as "a lush and warm atmosphere," "excellent combination of ingredients and flavors," and "consistently delicious dishes.
    " In particular, the "Salted Pork Cuisse en Confit" and "Carrot Mousse with Sea Urchin and Consommé Jelly" as well as the "Hachijo Island Kinmedai Soup de Poisson" are highly acclaimed dishes, and the wine list also receives high satisfaction.
    Chef Kikuchi's books have also gained popularity, attracting more fans to this dream-like place for Burgundy wine lovers.
    Please visit "Le Bourguignon" and experience it for yourself.


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