Reservation for Yakitori Imaiya Honten Shinjuku in Tokyo

updated: July 11th, 2024

Experience the best yakitori in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Indulge in expertly grilled skewers made with flavorful Hichinai chicken. Come and savor the artistry at Imaiya Honten Shinjuku.

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    The Imaiya Honten Shinjuku is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and can be accessed by a short walk from JR Shinjuku Station's Central East exit or from Shinjuku Sanchome subway station.
     The restaurant is situated on the basement floor and offers 100 seats.
    At this establishment, they primarily serve yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), with a particular focus on using Hichinai chicken, which has garnered a reputation for its delicious flavor.
     The skin and bonjiri (tail) skewers, in particular, are expertly cooked, resulting in a harmonious blend of texture and umami.
     Additionally, they offer a variety of other dishes, including sashimi and seasonal vegetable dishes, ensuring a diverse menu for patrons to enjoy.
    The chefs take pride in their ingredients, employing meticulous cooking techniques to deliver their dishes.
     In particular, as an exclusive Hichinai chicken specialty store, certified "Yakitori Chefs" showcase their skills in grilling.
     Their expertise is evident in each individual skewer, allowing diners to truly appreciate the artistry at play.
    The restaurant itself boasts a clean and inviting atmosphere, and the staff are known for their excellent service.
     Reservations are recommended due to the establishment's popularity, especially during lunch and dinner hours.
    At Imaiya Honten Shinjuku, you can savor delicious yakitori made with Hichinai chicken.
     The chefs' dedication to their craft and commitment to quality ingredients shine through, making it well worth a visit.


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