Reservation for Sushi Mimuro in Kumamoto

updated: March 01th, 2024

Enjoy delicious local sushi at Sushi Mimuro in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture. Experience the flavors of fresh ingredients in a calm atmosphere.

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    "Sushi Mimuro" is a sushi restaurant located in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture.
     It is situated about 400 meters on foot from Hitoyoshi Onsen Station.
     The restaurant has 8 seats at the counter, providing a calm atmosphere for enjoying your meal.
    This establishment offers dishes made with fresh local ingredients.
     Some popular menu items include "Steamed White Fish and Seaweed Bowl," "Hairy Crab," "Red Snapper," and "Silver Cod.
    " They also serve unique ingredients like "Ezo Abalone" and "Yubeshi" (tofu skin).
    The chefs have trained at famous sushi restaurants in Tokyo, showcasing their skills and dedication in each and every dish.
     The flavors are deep and satisfying.
    Operating hours are from 12:00 to 14:30 and 18:00 to 22:30.
     The restaurant's regular holiday is irregular.
     However, please note that the operating hours and regular holiday are subject to change, so it is recommended to check the official website or call ahead before visiting.
    When you visit Hitoyoshi City, try experiencing the delicious local sushi at "Sushi Mimuro".




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