Reservation for Sushi Hashimoto in Tokyo

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    【Chef Introduction】The cuisine at Sushi Hashimoto is led by the master chef, Hiroyuki Hashimoto.

    Mr. Hashimoto has honed his skills through 12 years of apprenticeship at "Kaigara-cho Tsuji Sushi" and "Nihonbashi Kaigara-cho Sugita." Despite starting his own business at the age of 31, he is an experienced chef with a long history of training.

    Utilizing his expertise, Mr.

    Hashimoto carefully selects fresh fish and seasonal ingredients to provide delicious sushi.

    【Cuisine Introduction】The Nigiri at Sushi Hashimoto is characterized by a deliciousness that everyone can enjoy with peace of mind.

    The sushi is simple yet showcases the craftsmanship of the chef and the quality of the ingredients.

    Each piece of sushi, meticulously crafted from the carefully selected fresh fish by Mr.

    Hashimoto, melts in your mouth with a rich and savory flavor.

    The balance between the vinegared rice and the topping is exquisite, and the pleasant acidity of the vinegar stimulates your appetite.

    You can also enjoy seasonal toppings that change throughout the year, offering constant surprises and satisfaction.

    【Store Introduction】Sushi Hashimoto is a sushi restaurant located in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

    The business hours are from 17:30 to 23:30, and it operates on a fully reservation-only system with two rounds.

    The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant features an 8-seat counter where you can enjoy the sushi crafted by master chef Hiroyuki Hashimoto.

    Please experience the irresistibly delicious taste that will make your cheeks relax.




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