Reservation for Ubusuna no Sato TOMIMOTO in Horyuji, Nara

updated: November 28th, 2023

Enjoy a unique experience at Ubusanano-Sato TOMIMOTO in Ando-cho, Nara. Indulge in local kaiseki cuisine and immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture. Limited accommodation available, book now!

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    Ubusuna-no-Sato TOMIMOTO, located in the town of Ando-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture, is an accommodation facility that is limited to two groups per day.
    Renovated from the birthplace of a ceramic artist named Kenkichi Tomimoto, the inn has a museum-like atmosphere with memorabilia and artworks on display.
    Western-style rooms are also available for a relaxing stay.
    At this inn, guests can enjoy kaiseki cuisine using Nara's local ingredients.
    The dinner, served with local flavors such as boiled beef and vegetables, bonshomaki, chestnut rice, etc., is exquisite.
    The breakfast is also especially wonderful, and all of the dishes are so delicious that you will want another helping.
    Transportation is available by bus from JR Horyuji Station or from Kintetsu Hirabata Station.
    While conveniently located, the hotel is in a quiet residential area, so you can stay in a relaxing atmosphere.
    The cuisine at Ubusuna-no-sato Tomimoto is prepared by a first-rate chef.
    The chef is a skilled artisan who was born into a family that ran a restaurant in Soemon-cho, Osaka, and became the head chef of a famous restaurant at a young age.
    He insists on using carefully selected local fresh ingredients and bringing them out with high techniques.
    He is also particular about his tableware, and uses works by living national treasures.
    You can enjoy not only the taste of the food but also the beauty of the tableware.




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