2024 Michelin Tokyo Sushi Restaurant : Sushi Yoshitake (2 star)

updated: June 03th, 2024

Experience the finest sushi in Tokyo at Sushi Yoshitake located in Chuo Ward. Impeccable service and exquisite flavors await.

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    "Sushi Yoshitake" is a restaurant located in Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo.
     It is accessible by a short walk from Shimbashi Station (approximately 438m).
     The restaurant does not have many seats and operates on a reservation basis, so it is necessary to make a reservation in advance.
     The exact opening hours are not specified, and detailed information is unknown.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy inventive and delicious dishes such as abalone with liver sauce and bonito with garlic.
     It is particularly highly rated for its abalone preparation and refined shrimp miso.
     The pairing of dishes with the appropriate drinks is also well done.
    The chefs at "Sushi Yoshitake" are dedicated to using quality ingredients and performing meticulous cooking.
     It is hailed as the best sushi restaurant in 2023, leaving diners to wonder if they will ever find a more exquisite place to enjoy sushi.
     However, some people have mentioned that the pace of serving the dishes is fast, and it may not allow for a leisurely dining experience.
     Additionally, some find the medium-fatty tuna to be watery and the seasoning of the nigiri slightly salty.
    "Sushi Yoshitake" is known for its difficulty in making reservations and has been awarded three Michelin stars.
     While photography of the dishes is not allowed, it has a reputation for its appetizers and nigiri, especially seafood like eel and conger eel.
    The restaurant has an elegant and refined atmosphere, and the service provided by the head chef and staff is impeccable.
     However, the prices are on the higher side, so caution is advised.
    Many visitors to "Sushi Yoshitake" express great satisfaction, with a multitude of them proclaiming it as "delicious".
     They particularly appreciate the perfect pairing of wines and sake with the dishes.
     While photography is not allowed at the restaurant, they serve exquisite dishes like simmered clams, live salted crabs, grilled bonito and kinmedai, and abalone.
     The nigiri sushi is also highly praised, especially for its ikura (salmon roe), anago (conger eel), kohada (gizzard shad), and carabinero shrimp.
    "Sushi Yoshitake" is a restaurant with limited availability for reservations, and it has received the prestigious honor of retaining three Michelin stars for 12 consecutive years.
     The head chef, female manager, and other staff members provide excellent service, including well-timed beverage servings.
    The restaurant offers a chance to savor dishes from Miyazaki Prefecture and innovative creations.
     The simmered clams and salted live crabs, in particular, are sublime, leaving diners speechless and unable to capture their beauty in photographs.
    The dedicated chefs pay meticulous attention to the choice of ingredients and delicate cooking techniques, often being praised for their exceptional skills.
     The opportunity to interact with the head chef and hear his stories adds to the joy of the dining experience.
    "Sushi Yoshitake" is a restaurant that may be difficult to visit, but it is certainly worth the effort.
     I encourage you to make a reservation and experience it for yourself.


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