2024 Michelin Osaka Fugu Restaurant : Yoshiko (1 star)

updated: June 03th, 2024

Enjoy the best fugu cuisine in Osaka at "Yoshiko" in Kita Ward. Indulge in sashimi-style fugu, hot pot, and more. Reserve your spot now!

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    The restaurant "Yoshiko" is located in Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, in the Kita Ward, Sonezaki Shinchi area.
     It is approximately 344m on foot from the Oebashi Station.
     This restaurant does not have regular opening hours and does not have many seats, so it is necessary to make a reservation.
    "Yoshiko" has been awarded one Michelin star ★ in the Michelin Guide Osaka 2022 edition and is highly regarded as the best fugu restaurant in Kitashinchi.
     Here, you can enjoy a full course of fugu dishes.
     Particularly popular menu items include sashimi-style fugu, boiled fugu in a hot pot, and deep-fried fugu testicles with rice porridge.
     They pair exceptionally well with their homemade ponzu sauce.
    The chefs use high-quality natural fugu every season, providing dishes such as assorted appetizers and simmered fugu.
     The depth of flavor and texture of their dishes receive high praise from many customers.
    The interior of the restaurant offers private rooms with a traditional atmosphere, creating a calm environment.
     Additionally, the restaurant is suitable for business entertainment and receptions rather than private use.
    "Yoshiko" is known as a Michelin-starred fugu restaurant and is loved by many as one of the highlights of winter.
     While the prices are not cheap, the satisfaction is high.
    This restaurant uses farm-raised fugu, so it may be a bit disappointing for those who wanted to try wild fugu.
     However, the prices are within a reasonable range, and you can enjoy dishes such as simmered fugu and fugu bone skewers.
     Furthermore, you can experience the unique sight of grilling sashimi on a hot stone.
    The service at "Yoshiko" is also superb, with the master and staff providing polite and smooth guidance.
     Many are deeply moved by the female proprietor's attitude of personally showing guests to their seats.
    A variety of course menus are available at this restaurant, including the "Appetizer Assortment," "Signature Grilled Fugu," "Sashimi-Style Fugu," "Deep Fried Fugu," "Grilled Fugu Cheeks," and "Fugu Hot Pot (with shabu-shabu).
    " In particular, the egg-filled rice porridge, known as "zousui," is a must-try dish that you'll want seconds of.
    The chefs at "Yoshiko" are committed to using high-quality ingredients and preparing them with meticulous care.
     Their exceptional skills and creativity guarantee both the taste and presentation of their dishes.
    Be sure to visit "Yoshiko" and be amazed by their delicious fugu cuisine and exceptional service.


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