2024 Michelin Osaka Japanese Restaurant : Sumibi Kappo Ishii (1 star)

updated: May 23th, 2024

Discover traditional Japanese cuisine at Sumibi Kappo Ishii in Fukushima, Osaka. Indulge in seasonal dishes prepared with care and enjoy the show-style cooking at the counter seats. Located in Osaka City, this renowned kappo restaurant is perfect for special occasions.

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    "Sumibi Kappo Ishii" is a restaurant located in Fukushima-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
     It is a 8-minute walk from Fukushima Station on the JR Loop Line.
     The restaurant has 15 seats, including 9 counter seats and 6 private rooms.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine.
     The dishes made with seasonal ingredients are prepared using various cooking methods, and you can taste delicious dishes such as chawanmushi (savory egg custard), matsutake mushrooms, and conger eel.
     In particular, the chawanmushi made with suppon (softshell turtle) is highly praised for its rich flavor.
    The chefs at "Sumibi Kappo Ishii" are dedicated to using the finest ingredients and preparing each dish with great care.
     Each dish showcases their skills and has an elegant taste.
     In addition, at the counter seats, you can enjoy the show-style cooking right in front of you.
    "Sumibi Kappo Ishii" is also run by the owner of the famous yakitori restaurant "Torisho Ishii," which is known for its difficulty to make reservations.
     Therefore, you can also enjoy grilled dishes such as perfectly grilled tai (sea bream) with crispy skin and lightly smoked salmon with the aroma of bincho charcoal.
    This restaurant is popular as a place to celebrate special occasions or to treat yourself.
     Please note that the serving speed of the dishes may be a bit slow, but you can enjoy the experience of watching the chefs at work from the private rooms or counter seats.
    "Sumibi Kappo Ishii" is a renowned kappo restaurant in Fukushima, Osaka.
     Its charming machiya-style appearance creates a pleasant atmosphere, and you can enjoy sophisticated small dishes while having conversations.
    Please consider visiting "Sumibi Kappo Ishii" when you have the chance.


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