Reservation for Sushi Ito Akasaka in Fukushima

updated: April 22th, 2024

Looking for delicious sushi in Iwaki City, Fukushima? Look no further! Explore the finest local ingredients at Sushi Ito and indulge in their exquisite nigiri selection. A must-visit restaurant in Fukushima prefecture.

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    "Sushi Ito" is a sushi restaurant located in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.
     It is about a 10-minute walk from JR Iwaki Station.
     The restaurant has a calm atmosphere and features an 8-seat counter.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy nigiri sushi made with fresh fish, especially Mekhikari, Akazae shrimp, and local specialties are highly regarded.
     With a generous portion of nigiri sushi, you can also satisfy your appetite.
    The head chef gives off a reserved impression, but those who actually visit the restaurant say he is enjoyable.
     The establishment has a solid and clean appearance, with a simple and clean feel.
     The service is also considered polite and friendly.
    Furthermore, this restaurant is featured in "Goethe Miyagi 2023" and is praised not only for its cuisine but also for its excellent selection of drinks.
    I have visited this place frequently after work or with colleagues and have had a wonderful time enjoying delicious food.
    It is also often used for farewell parties and solo visits, among other occasions.
    The chefs provide Edomae sushi using local seafood, and the sushi rice made from a mix of red vinegar and rice vinegar has a perfect balance of acidity and saltiness, making it easy to eat.
    In particular, the Akazae shrimp nigiri offers a delightful taste that can only be experienced here.
    The appetizers are also carefully prepared, and the sashimi of wild Shimaaji (striped jack) was praised as an exceptional dish.
    The head chef's personality is also pleasant, providing an enjoyable dining experience.
     There are high expectations for trying Mekhikari nigiri on the next visit.
    "Sushi Ito" is considered one of the best restaurants in Fukushima Prefecture, offering fresh local ingredients and showcasing the skills of the local chefs.
     Please consider visiting.




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