2024 Michelin Osaka Fugu Restaurant : Yunagibashi Takoyasu (1 star)

updated: May 23th, 2024

Experience the finest pufferfish cuisine at Yunagibashi Takoyasu in Minato Ward, Osaka City. Indulge in dishes like tessa and tecchiri, all made from natural pufferfish. With its traditional Japanese ambiance and Michelin recognition, it's a must-visit.

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    "Yunagibashi Takoyasu" is a restaurant located in Minato Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
     It is a 5-minute walk from Asashiohashi Station, exit 7 of the Chuo Subway Line.
     The restaurant has 50 seats and operates from 12:00 to 22:00 (closed irregularly).
     Here, you can enjoy the winter delicacy known as pufferfish cuisine.
    The menu showcases the skill of the chefs, offering dishes such as "tessa" (thinly sliced raw pufferfish), "tecchiri" (pufferfish hot pot), "shirako-yaki" (grilled pufferfish sperm sacs), and "fugu no karaage" (pufferfish tempura).
     The white meat and white liver are particularly enjoyed during the winter season, but they also offer a delightful taste in the summer, autumn, and early winter.
     The restaurant is particularly renowned and has earned a spot on the Michelin list.
     The "tessa" and "tecchiri" are thicker and have a firm texture compared to other establishments, with the skin ponzu sauce being a surprising delight.
    This restaurant serves dishes made from natural pufferfish, and the size of the fish is impressive, as indicated by the mention of "Yunagibashi Takoyasu: Over 7 kilograms of natural pufferfish".
     The pufferfish tempura uses a full 8.
    5 kilograms of meat, offering a juicy and satisfying experience.
     The "tecchiri" hot pot, cooked with care by the landlady, is also popular.
     It is bone-in, so caution is required, but it allows you to fully enjoy the thick cut of the pufferfish.
    "Yunagibashi Takoyasu" is a long-standing restaurant founded in 1929, with the third-generation chef, Koji Kimura, overseeing the cuisine.
     The interior of the restaurant has a traditional Japanese house atmosphere and is located near Osaka Bay.
     It has received 2 stars from the Michelin Guide and has continuously won the Tabelog Award Bronze, gaining high praise.
    In this article, we have introduced the store information, cuisine, and the chef of "Yunagibashi Takoyasu".
     We highly recommend you to visit this restaurant.


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